SmartSlat is made from lightweight pre-painted steel and is a unique two part system where the fixings are installed in the base and completely concealed when cover is snapped on. For further information go to
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Customised Lattice

We use kiln dried timber, frame posts and other structural members. Lattice: the individual lattice laths are standard 35x9 mm sawn or 42x13 mm dressed with bull nosed edges with square and diagonal patterns. You also have a choice of steel posts and structural members plus galvanised or stainless steel fixings.
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Customised gates from wood, Smart Slat etc. Practical gates, feature gates, ornamental gates.
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Fences and Screens

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Illusion Panels

Extend the feeling of space. These panels are popular in small courtyard areas and balconies.


Choose The Right Product For The Right Job.

Realise that dream or find a solution to a problem. Our products epitomise both aesthetics and function. They are ideal for privacy, discretion, beautification, space creation, noise and wind reduction, weather protection, seedling and plant support.

Screen Off unsightly utilities, water tanks, pool filters, clothes lines, sheds, rubbish bins or a nosey neighbour!


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